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New Branch Inaugurated In Anambra By High Stone University

In keeping with its mission to offer inclusive, reasonably priced education to Nigerian students, High Stone Global University Texas, USA recently opened an office in the state capital of Anambra, Awka.


At the ceremony, which drew academics and politicians from all around the nation, other Nigerians who had made outstanding contributions to their fields of study and achieved extraordinary success were also given honorary doctorates.


Speaking at the event, Prof. Valentine Iheukwumere, the African Vice Chancellor of High Stone Global University in Texas, USA, said that the recently opened university is an example of the global institution’s dedication to offering inclusive education that is both affordable and accessible to everyone. He also mentioned that High Stone Global University connects prestigious universities from around the world through a software/digital platform.


The vice chancellor declared, “We believe in empowering millions of learners through our online education and help them realise their dreams and become valuable assets to the evolving society,” adding that the institution is bringing about a paradigm shift in the way knowledge is taught and shared.

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Speaking at the event, Prof. Innime Righteous, Vice Chancellor of High Stone Global University in Texas, USA, said that the award ceremony was perfect because it would inspire more Nigerians to put in more effort and contribute their fair share to the country’s progress.


Conversely, he characterized the recipients as individuals who have left a lasting impression in their disciplines and said that these impressions would inspire future generations.


“As we bestow this prestigious honour upon our distinguished recipients, let us not only celebrate their personal triumphs but also reflect on the values they embody.”


Righteous however urged the staff and management of the institution to carry forward the spirit of excellence and service that has been exemplified by their honourary awardees’’


Speaking earlier, Prof. Maurice Azubuike Odiete, president of NIPEM International and High Stone Global University in Texas, USA, characterized the organizations as brands that came through with the vision to assist potential students and individuals in accessing the power of inclusive education.



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