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MTN Nigeria Market Value Falls Below N4 Trillion Over Poor Earnings

In a recent turn of events, MTN Nigeria Plc has experienced a notable decline in its market valuation, slipping below the N4 trillion mark and marking a significant shift in its standing within the stock market. Formerly a key player in the Nigerian Exchange market, the telecom giant’s recent performance has raised concerns among investors.

Over the past seven trading sessions, MTN Nigeria has witnessed a staggering 35% decrease in its market valuation, attributed to subdued sentiment and economic pressures. The company’s outlook remains uncertain, with management highlighting potential foreign exchange losses anticipated for 2024.

The erosion of earnings, compounded by a challenging financial scorecard for 2023, has prompted a pullback from investors, further exacerbating the telecom company’s market woes. Data indicates that MTN Nigeria’s market valuation has dwindled to N3.84 trillion, with significant exposure to foreign currency liabilities contributing to substantial losses.

Despite surpassing industry peers earlier in 2024, MTN Nigeria now faces a turbulent landscape characterized by inflationary pressures and currency devaluation. Management anticipates these factors will continue to strain consumer spending and business operations, potentially leading to additional forex losses.

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In response to regulatory requirements, MTN Nigeria has intensified efforts to ensure compliance with directives such as the NIN-SIM registration process, while also exploring tariff adjustments in collaboration with industry stakeholders. Moreover, the company remains committed to expanding its subscriber base and driving usage through targeted commercial strategies.

Acknowledging the impact of currency devaluation on its financial position, MTN Nigeria is actively pursuing discussions with stakeholders, including IHS, to address challenges such as tower infrastructure costs. Additionally, initiatives to enhance consumer education and diversify service offerings, particularly within the MoMo PSB platform, are underway to stimulate growth and mitigate financial pressures.



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