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Facebook and Instagram Services Back Online After Temporary Shutdown

After a brief interruption, social media giants Facebook and Instagram have successfully restored their services worldwide.

Users worldwide experienced disruption in accessing their accounts on Tuesday, prompting widespread concern. Attempts to log in were met with errors, leaving users unable to refresh their profiles or access their homepages.

Social media enthusiasts took to various platforms to express their frustration, with tweets like “@peace_igho: Who logged us out of Facebook ooo,” and “@LidiaNews: Facebook and Instagram down.”

Despite the inconvenience, relief swept across platforms as users like @RaphealMiguel realized it was a temporary glitch, tweeting, “Me after checking on Twitter that Meta is just down and I’m not hacked…”

Others, like @Avviexo and @PoojaMedia, shared similar experiences, highlighting the challenge of remembering passwords amidst the chaos.

Fortunately, the technical glitch has been resolved, and both platforms are now fully operational. Users can simply open the app and log in with their credentials to resume their social media activities.

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