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Enugu Government Kills Over 30,000 Chickens In Nchatancha Nike With Caterpillar

According to BBC Igbo, There were lots of anguish and wailing at Nchatancha Nike Enugu State as Enugu State government has arbitrarily demolished people’s houses for the construction of “New Enugu City” which has been announced since then.

Many residents lamented that the government did not give any notification that they will knock down their houses, but last Tuesday they suddenly came knocking down people’s houses without telling them, without looking back.

The owner of UD Farms in Nchatancha Nike named Ngozi DeDe tearfully announced that her livestock, worth more than 30 million naira were killed

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Ngozi dede told BBC reporters “On Tuesday that Enugu Capital workers used a caterpillar to knock down my poultry and I was not informed before.”

Last year the government issued notifications and warnings to other people for the demolition, but I was told that mine was not included. I am confused as to how they came and demolished my poultry. ”

“The government should please come to my aid because I have no one to fight for me

People around were tearfully consoling her while her chickens were lying dead.

Recall that the Enugu government has signed a document to build a New Enugu City Nchatancha Nike.



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