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2027: Bill to Put Presidential Elections Away from N’West, S’West, S’South


A bill currently under review by the House of Representatives Committee on Constitution Review aims to bring significant changes to the Nigerian political landscape ahead of the 2027 general election. Sponsored by Ojema Ojetu, representing Apa/Agatu Federal Constituency, Benue State, the proposed legislation seeks to amend the Constitution to enforce a rotation of power among the country’s geo-political zones.

If passed into law, the bill would prevent the North-West, South-West, and South-South zones from fielding presidential candidates in the upcoming election, ensuring a fair distribution of power among all regions. The legislation proposes that the presidency rotates among the six geo-political zones, with each state holding the office for a maximum of two terms, totaling eight years, to promote inclusivity and representation in Nigeria’s democracy.

Additionally, the bill suggests similar rotational principles for governorship and senatorial elections, aiming to ensure that every zone and constituency has the opportunity to participate in governance and development.

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The proposed changes come amid a historical backdrop where certain regions have dominated the presidency since Nigeria’s return to democratic rule in 1999. Notably, the bill addresses concerns about political inclusivity and representation, especially for regions that have not yet produced a president.

While the bill awaits consideration and approval by the National Assembly, its implementation would require support from state assemblies across the country. If successful, this legislative initiative could reshape Nigeria’s political landscape, fostering greater inclusivity and equitable representation in the nation’s governance structure.



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