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Finland Welcomes New President, Alexander Stubb

Former Prime Minister Alexander Stubb officially assumed office as the 13th president of Finland, succeeding Sauli Niinisto, who served for 12 years.

Stubb, 55, emphasized his commitment to fostering an open, secure, and globally engaged Finland in his inaugural address to the Finnish parliament.

He urged unity and solidarity among citizens, emphasizing the importance of preserving Finnish values while embracing technological advancements with empathy and adaptability.

Stubb’s foreign policy stance, characterized by “value-based realism,” emphasizes dialogue even with those who may not share Finland’s democratic values, underlining the nation’s unique position within the European Union and NATO.

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Addressing economic challenges, Stubb pledged support for the government’s initiatives to stabilize the economy amidst debates over social security and labor terms.

Proficient in multiple languages, including English, French, and German, in addition to Finnish and Swedish, Stubb announced his first official trip abroad to Norway to observe a NATO maneuver, highlighting Finland’s recent NATO membership.

The transition of power coincides with Finland’s evolving role in the international community, marked by its recent NATO accession and commitment to democratic principles and global security



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