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Deputy Speaker In Ebonyi Begs Government To Increase Salaries Of Workers

To lessen the impact of Nigeria’s current economic difficulties, the three levels of government have been encouraged to raise civil worker pay by Chinedu Onah, the deputy speaker of the Ebonyi State House of Assembly.

Onah made the call on Friday following an event in the state’s Ohaukwu Local Government Area, while chatting with reporters.

He expressed sadness that the nation’s public servants were not treated equally to politicians, saying they should have received the same treatment.

According to Onah, the nation’s civil servants’ existing pay status is insufficient to address the country’s financial difficulties, particularly in light of rising food prices and rising school fees, among other things.

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“The federal and state governments should understand the nature of things in this country and the workers should be treated fairly. Let them enjoy the way that politicians are enjoying.

“The salaries of civil servants should be increased. No one who is paid N30,000 or N40,000 can afford N100,000 school fees for their children and you think things are good for such a person. And if he/she has two or four children in school, you see that such a person will be battling hunger.

“I’m among those who are advocating for civil servants to be paid very well so that they will be able to solve their problems. Things are difficult in Nigeria, and if you go outside Ebonyi, you will understand that things are difficult. You will know that we are in paradise in Ebonyi.



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