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Full Story: Enugu Agency Demolishes Structure of Popular Restaurant For Alleged Illegality


The Breathe Restaurant & Lounge on Independence Avenue at Independence Layout in Enugu has had some of its structures demolished by the Enugu Capital Territory Development Authority (ECTDA). The ECTDA cited a number of reasons for the demolition, including purportedly missing title documents, fraudulently submitted Certificates of Occupancy (C-of-O), construction of more buildings than were approved, and changing the purpose of a building permit without permission.

According to the agency, it acted in accordance with the legal authority granted to it and on the basis of item 11 of the sworn document submitted by the developer, Ndubuisi Madueke, in support of his application for a building permission. This action was taken in response to the withdrawal of the building plan and permit.


Documents shared by ECTDA showing the type of building to be erected in the area:

In the said item 11, the developer had sworn: “If at any point it is found that any information stated in my drawing is false, or that I deviate from the contents of the building drawing submitted to the Authority containing my intended development plan, that this owner/builder permit is deemed invalid and automatically stand revoked.”

Remember that about a week ago, the Environmental Commission of Nigeria (ECTDA) issued a warning regarding the alleged spread of false building permits, forged title documents, permit manipulation, and illegal structures in various parts of the Enugu metropolis. The organization stated that it had revoked several of these permits and approvals due to the risk they posed to public and environmental safety.

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The ECTDA Chairman also cited item 11 of the sworn affidavit when the developer declared he would automatically that his Owner/Builder Plan Permit is “deemed invalid and automatically stand revoked” should he be found to have given false information or deviated from the building plans submitted in pursuit of the application.

The demolished building for alleged illegalities
Image: Spared main building

ECTDA, on the other hand, refrained from demolishing the two approved structures—a security house and a one-story building—so that the developer could regularize the buildings using the appropriate application in the appropriate plot and zone.

Recall that last week, during a press conference, the investment’s owners claimed to have obtained all necessary approvals for the facility.



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