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Enugu Government Replacing Damaged Asbestos Pipes, Mbah Says


Some areas of the state lack water, according to the Enugu administration, because broken asbestos pipes need to be replaced on a regular basis.

This was disclosed on Thursday in Enugu by Joshua Ejeh, special assistant to Governor Peter Mbah for publications and research.

He said that almost 90% of the pipes buried in Enugu were asbestos pipes installed by the colonial authority prior to independence, according to recent government investigations.

He claims that while Mr. Mbah’s administration continues to replace old, deteriorated, and blown-up pipes with new, ductile iron pipes, providing water to every home in Enugu is a must.

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“The capacity of these pipes could only take less than three million litres of water, whereas this administration has been able to produce a daily quantity of 120 million litres.

“So, some parts of the water stations and sub-stations were temporarily shut to enable the maintenance and replacement and will be reopened as soon as possible. Again, it has been confirmed that many houses and streets have water running through their environs but have no connection,” Mr Ejeh said.

Mr. Ejeh gave impacted parties advice to get in touch with the water corporation, pay the extremely reasonable fees that are specified, and get connected.

They would be able to enjoy a continuous supply of water as a result, he claimed.



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