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Put “Never Went to Therapy” On My Gravestone – Elon Musk 

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and proprietor of X, sparked online conversations with his recent revelation about what he desires inscribed on his gravestone. Taking to his X account, Musk declared that he wants the phrase “Never Went to Therapy” etched on his final resting place.

In a tweet posted on Wednesday night, Elon Musk succinctly stated, “Put ‘Never Went to Therapy’ on my gravestone.” The tweet garnered a variety of reactions, with some offering light-hearted remarks in response to Musk’s unconventional wish.

The announcement comes amidst ongoing legal matters involving Elon Musk, including a recent order from a US judge directing him to comply with a subpoena regarding his Twitter/X activities. The subpoena requires Musk to provide answers to regulatory inquiries concerning his purchases of Twitter shares in the previous year.

Despite Musk’s failure to appear for a scheduled deposition in September with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the court has ruled in favor of enforcing the subpoena. Musk and the SEC have been given a week to agree on a time and location for Musk’s testimony.

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The SEC’s investigation encompasses Musk’s Twitter stock acquisitions in 2022, as well as his statements and disclosures to market regulators. Musk’s legal team has raised objections to the deposition, alleging harassment by the SEC. However, the SEC contends that Musk’s refusal to comply is impeding their investigation into potential violations of securities laws.

Musk’s involvement with Twitter has been fraught with controversies, resulting in legal actions from various parties, including investors, former employees, and companies with contractual ties to Twitter.



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