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Enugu Market Introduces Measures To Control The Operation Of Barrow Pushers To Stop Theft

To maintain security and safety, the Ogbete Main Market Traders’ Association (OMMATA) says it is simplifying the way barrow pushers operate in the market.

This was revealed to reporters in Enugu on Wednesday by OMMATA President-General Stephen Aniagu, who was transferring recovered goods on Saturday from a barrow pusher to a customer.

The market would shortly arrange an orientation for all barrow pushers to make sure they embrace best and useful practices, according to Mr. Aniagu, who is also the president-general of the Enugu State Amalgamated Traders’ Association.

“After the orientation, we are going to streamline them through biometric and full detailed capturing and this will be followed by giving them ID cards, special aprons with individual numbers, phone numbers and their names tagged on it,” he said.

Mr Aniagu said with this, anybody dealing with a barrow pusher in the market, we know his name, individual apron number and, if possible, his phone number.

“This is to check crime and ensure that no foreign barrow pusher, who does not have an identity, infiltrates into them and commits a crime or moves away with someone’s goods,” he said.

According to the market leader, the orientation will guarantee everyone’s safety as they perform their barrow-pushing tasks.

“Daily, we receive complaints of barrow pushers injuring unsuspecting customers due to some carrying excessive loads that block their views. We are already working to drill the barrow pushers on safety as well as to set up a task force to monitor their operations and ensure that they operate within responsible safety levels,” he said.

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Nonetheless, Mr. Aniagu cautioned everyone planning to purchase or conduct business at the market to be prepared and exercise extreme caution when handling their items.

He asked clients to correctly direct the barrow pushers as they moved with their items and to be prepared to follow them in real time.

“We are assuring that the market leadership, through the watchful eyes of our security wing, will continue to ensure security and safety for traders, customers and any other persons having something to do in the market,” he added.



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