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Victor Osimhen Surprises Young Fan with N2.5m Reward for Mimicking His Style

Nigerian football sensation, Victor Osimhen, made headlines as he generously gifted N2.5 million to a young admirer who emulated his football prowess and style. The heartwarming moment unfolded when a video of the boy showcasing skills reminiscent of Osimhen went viral on Instagram, shared by popular blogger Tunde Ednut.

Captivated by the boy’s talent and resemblance, Osimhen enlisted Ednut’s help in tracking down the young fan, who surprisingly hails from Ivory Coast. With the assistance of content creator Eriq Morak, the boy was located, much to everyone’s amazement.

Ednut expressed his astonishment at discovering the boy’s origin, stating, “I initially thought this little man was Nigerian. You won’t believe we found him in Ivory Coast.” He further detailed the collaborative effort that led to locating the youngster, highlighting the role of fellow influencer OGB in the process.

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Moved by the boy’s dedication, Osimhen personally reached out and generously rewarded him with the significant sum, prompting heartfelt gratitude from the boy’s family. A touching video shared by the family conveyed their sincere appreciation to the football star for his kindness and generosity, creating a heartwarming moment that captured the essence of sportsmanship and goodwill.



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