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Greenville LNG Increases Supply Of LNG And Compressed Natural Gas To Southeast

Greenville LNG, Nigeria’s first and foremost domestic provider of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and compressed natural gas (CNG), has made a significant investment to extend its operational reach and launch a more economical, environmentally friendly, and dependable LNG/LCNG supply initiative to the Southeast region of the nation.

The company’s Head of Communications, Media, PR, and Strategic Liaison, Prince Moses Duku, stated, “Greenville LNG has boldly initiated a visionary and strong determination to meaningfully implement a positive interventionist partnership with the Nigerian government, business community, and people to engender a more sustainable industrial development agenda and an empowering home-grown energy security pivoting on Nigeria’s abundant gas resource.” The company’s first-of-its-kind, strategically located West Africa Gas Liquefaction Plant at Rumuji in Rivers State, as well as its investment in an actively operating virtual pipeline system powered by its more than 500 LNG-powered specialized trucks, have made a bold statement. Greenville is on an intentional technical and corporate mission not only to support, but also to proactively and sustainably spike up real time productive enterprise with a generative multiplier effect on GDP-enhancing commerce across the length and breadth of Nigeria.”

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Greenville LNG has signed an agreement with the Enugu State Government to establish an LNG/LCNG Mother Station in Amuku Abor, Enugu, Nigeria. The agreement aims to produce cleaner, more affordable, and reliable natural gas for manufacturing, power plants, and the automotive sector.

Moses continued, saying, “With Greenville’s superior and more reasonably priced production of LNG and CNG, as well as its consistent availability through the company’s guaranteed virtual pipeline gas delivery system, Nigeria’s industrial developmental revolution and spinoff are right here in our country; Nigeria’s dependable energy future is practically here, and our nation’s productive capacities are set to be unleashed like never before.” That is Greenville LNG’s pledge, as well as the company’s efforts and forward-thinking dedication to the federal, state, and private sectors of the country’s industrial complex.

“It is in continuation of this corporate mission, that Greenville LNG has come to Enugu to birth its business operations with our Mother LNG/LCNG Station upon which many daughter stations will also anchor across the State to serve Ndi Enugu.”



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