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Abia State Government: “No existing financial commitment by previous administration on Geometric Power Project”


According to Okey Kanu, the commissioner of information and culture, the previous administration did not make any financial commitments to the Geometric Power Project.

During a press conference on the State Executive Council’s decision held at Government House in Umuahia on Tuesday, Kanu made this statement.

He noted that the public has praised the State Government much for its assistance in bringing the Geometric Power Project to fruition.

He said that some had also expressed concern over the development, claiming that the previous administration had invested in the project on behalf of the state government.

Kanu stated that the government relied on evidence rather than conjecture, and that no documentation corroborating the allegations was given to the current administration at the time of transfer.

He said: “Geometric Power Plant is a private sector led investment company and you don’t speak about things that don’t exist

“At the point of handover from the previous administration to this administration, I don’t think there is any existence of financial commitment on the part of the state in the Geometric Power Plant.

“Like I said we don’t need to speak to something that doesn’t exist,”

Additionally, Ferdinand Ekeoma, the governor’s special adviser on media and publicity, characterized the government as an organization that adheres to particular procedures and upholds particular standards in its operations.

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Ekeoma went on to state that the current administration lacked any documentation proving the previous administration’s financial commitment to the project.



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