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Ebonyi Indigene Donates Cash, Food Items, Others To Abuja Children Home, To Celebrate Governor’s Birthday

Hon. Simon Oshi has given money, various food items, and toiletries to the Abuja Children Home in Karu within the Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC) in honor of Rt. Hon. Francis Nwifuru, the governor of Ebonyi State, who turned 49 today.

During his visit to the Home, Oshi spoke with reporters while making the donation. He stated that the goal of the gesture is to make the beneficiaries, who are future leaders, happy despite their current circumstances.

He said that the gesture was made in honor of the governor on the day he turned forty-nine.

Little sacks of rice, yam tubers, gallons of vegetable oil, detergents, soaps, tissue paper, and five hundred thousand naira in cash were among the donations made for the use of the less fortunate and orphans at the FCT Administration home.

In spite of the nation’s current economic difficulties, Hon. Oshi urged well-meaning Nigerians to imitate the gesture and never forget to provide aid to the poor and needy. He stated that the visit will be an ongoing process to lessen the suffering of the children in the home.

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The former candidate for legislative office claimed that his choice was motivated by the governor’s devotion to the welfare of Ebonyi youngsters, which inspires him and the celebrant’s other colleagues.

Born on February 25, 1975, Governor Francis Nwifuru is a lawyer who formerly held the position of speaker of the Ebonyi State House of Assembly from June 2015 to May 2023.

Anthonia Ejele, the Head Nanny at the Home, responded by calling the gesture “unique” and “timely,” considering the current state of economic difficulty in the community.

After expressing gratitude to the donor for selecting the Home as the recipient of the donation, Ejele led the kids in happy birthday songs and prayers for the governor.



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