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Mohbad’s Death: I know A Lot But They Won’t Allow me To Speak

Omowunmi, widow of the late Nigerian artist Mohbad, bravely speaks out despite facing intimidation tactics, shedding light on her husband’s mysterious demise and the challenges she confronts.

Mohbad’s passing on September 12 under unclear circumstances sparked immediate controversies, prompting an autopsy conducted by authorities after his body was exhumed on September 21.

Despite the need for transparency, Omowunmi reveals she’s being silenced by influential figures within the industry, preventing her from sharing crucial information regarding her husband’s death.

Furthermore, she addresses the contentious DNA testing issue concerning the paternity of Mohbad’s son, Liam, expressing her anguish over baseless accusations and attempts to discredit her family.

In her poignant testimony, Omowunmi exposes the relentless attacks aimed at her late husband, highlighting his struggles with mental health and fear-induced reluctance to seek medical attention, believing the system could be compromised.

She emphasizes her determination to speak her truth, echoing Mohbad’s silenced voice, and vows to protect her son, Liam, against the looming threats and manipulative tactics.

Omowunmi’s unwavering courage serves as a beacon of hope amid adversity, urging for justice and accountability in the wake of Mohbad’s untimely demise.



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