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“I wrote Unavailable for Davido” – Logos Olori Claims

Nigerian artist Logos Olori claims his role as the creative force behind Davido’s Grammy-nominated track, ‘Unavailable,’ in a recent interview with CoolFM’s Do2dtun,.

Logos Olori reveals that he wrote the song’s lyrics, crafting its catchy hook and concept, while also acknowledging Peruzzi’s contribution with a verse. He recalls the collaborative environment in which the song was birthed, sharing insights into its creation within the confines of a modest Ajah duplex.

Despite Davido’s involvement in seeking adjustments to the verse, Logos Olori maintains his pivotal role as the song’s originator, emphasizing his lyrical prowess and creative input.

The revelation, made public through Do2dtun’s Instagram, unveils the behind-the-scenes dynamics of ‘Unavailable’s’ production, including the involvement of fellow artists and producers like Musa Keys.

As Davido remains silent on Logos Olori’s claims, the song continues to enjoy immense success, boasting over 93 million streams on YouTube and securing top positions on various music charts since its 2023 release.

Logos Olori’s claim adds a new dimension to the narrative surrounding ‘Unavailable,’ raising intrigue and speculation within the music industry.

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