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Illegal Developments: Enugu Government Withdraws Fraudulent Approvals

The government of Enugu State denounced Wednesday the “worrisome” actions of certain developers who were showing off fake approvals.

Uche Anya, the executive chairman of the Enugu Capital Territory Development Authority (ECTDA), informed reporters of this at a briefing.

He declared that these false permissions had been revoked and pledged that the government would never give in to intimidation.

“It is discouraging that we are still facing challenges in our development control despite everything we have done,” Anya remarked. A few dishonest developers, posing as investors, are undermining our grand scheme and tainting the system.

“We have instances where people secured approvals, using the Certificate of Occupancy(C of O) of a different area and passing it on for a property in another location.”

He mentioned a certain company that was running a nightclub at Independence Layout. He claimed that this company had a land title to a property in GRA, but it was transferred to another property at Independence Layout.

Furthermore, they took extra effort and constructed items that weren’t authorized.

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“Then you go to the bank of Ekulu River, people who have jettisoned even the setback they signed up for and they are parading fake approvals, distorting our place, threatening our bridges. We cannot afford to have another collapsed bridge in Enugu. We must save Trans Ekulu Bridge at all costs.

“So we want to tell the world that we are not afraid of doing the right thing.

“We have withdrawn all the approvals that were fraudulently obtained and we intend to ensure Enugu State, as much as we will do everything to encourage investors, will not allow unscrupulous people to violate our laws and end up blackmailing government officials.

“How on earth did someone get approval for a night club at Independence Layout, using title documents of GRA?” Anya queried.



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