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Anambra, Lagos Forge Partnership to Advance ICT Growth

The states of Anambra and Lagos have decided to collaborate in order to enhance the growth of their own IT ecosystems, as part of efforts to promote IT development in Nigeria.

This cooperative endeavor is intended to solve new challenges, promote innovation, and improve the overall cyber security infrastructure. It was inspired by bilateral talks held with members of the IT ecosystem during the Reverse Trade Mission in the United States of America.

This is in line with the Federal Government’s demand for the digitalization of MDA operations, made by Minister of Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy Dr. Bosun Tijani during the recently concluded Nigeria National Council of ICT Heads of Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAS) meeting in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

The minister stated that urgent ICT infrastructure provision was required to facilitate data sharing between government agencies. This, in turn, would support proactive governance by preventing fraudulent activities, boosting Nigeria’s economy, and ensuring that government priorities were always met.

The goals and salient features of the Anambra/Lagos partnership are cyber security cooperation, safeguarding IT assets, implementing cyber protection protocols, and growing IT service platforms, according to a statement released yesterday by the Anambra ICT agency.

Both sides will put new cyber security techniques into place to strengthen IT infrastructure and develop plans to understand and combat the constantly changing cyber threat scenario.

Additionally, both states will investigate the implementation of cutting-edge cybercrime prevention measures to secure vital IoT assets, as well as familiarizing themselves with state-of-the-art instruments to lessen the likelihood of cybercrime and comprehending novel instruments to enhance IT service platforms, such as cloud computing services like AWS.

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In order to improve service delivery, there is also the matter of aligning with the agendas of digitalization and customer service, creating programs for the quick onboarding of new hires in the IT industry, and expanding the skill system to accommodate the changing needs of the IT environment. Each side will likewise pursue creating programs for the quick onboarding of new talent in the IT industry and expanding the skill system to accommodate the changing needs of the IT environment. Both sides are equally interested in working together to increase the number of qualified workers in the IT industry.

With a positive statement on the agreement, Lagos State Commissioner for Innovation, Science and Technology Tunbosun Alake said: “This partnership signifies a crucial step in fortifying our technological capabilities.” Together with Anambra State, we hope to build a robust IT infrastructure that not only responds to today’s problems but also foresees and adjusts to emerging trends.”



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