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Cargo Clearance Exchange Rate increases to N1,605 per Dollar


The Federal Government, facilitated by the Central Bank of Nigeria, has once again adjusted the exchange rate for cargo clearance, setting it at N1,605 per US dollar.

This adjustment follows a series of fluctuations in recent days, with the rate initially climbing to N1,515 per dollar before dipping to N1,472. Since January, there have been multiple increases from the previous rate of N952 per dollar in December to N1,605 per dollar now.

This latest adjustment underscores the dynamic nature of the exchange rate environment, with businesses and importers facing the challenge of adapting to these fluctuations. The Nigeria Customs Service portal has already reflected the new rate, signaling its immediate implementation.

As stakeholders monitor these changes closely, the impact on trade and business operations remains a focal point of concern. Importers and exporters will need to adjust their financial strategies accordingly to navigate the evolving currency landscape.

The implications of these adjustments extend beyond the realm of commerce, potentially influencing inflationary pressures and consumer purchasing power. As such, government policies and monetary interventions continue to play a pivotal role in shaping economic dynamics.

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