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10 Killed By Lassa Fever In Ebonyi State


The Lassa Fever outbreak affected seven local government areas of Ebonyi State, resulting in 10 deaths and 15 infections, according to the state government.

The State Ministry of Health’s Disease Surveillance Notification Officer, Mr. Orogwu Sampson, confirmed the incidence and stated that the instances happened between January 4 and February 16, 2024.

In the course of a month, he said, “25 people were infected, including 2 healthcare workers who died.”

According to Orogwu, the disease affects persons of all ages and that last year the State recorded 53 cases and 36 fatalities.

He insisted that 16 of the 25 confirmed cases involved men and 9 involved women.

A pregnant mother, two children, men, and women are among the deceased.

“The Local Government Areas affected include Onicha, Ikwo, Ezza North, Ebonyi, Izzi, Ohaukwu and Abakaliki with Hausa quarters and Nkaliki residential areas recording the highest number of cases.

“Other LGAs that have not recorded any case so far may be because they have not reported not that it doesn’t exist there,” he explained.

In order to prevent additional deaths, he added that early detection, early presentation, and treatment are all free.

Dr. Ogbonna Nwambeke, the State Epidemiologist, responded by saying that the United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF), Breakthrough Action Nigeria, and the World Health Organization (WHO) were among the organizations the State Government was working with to lessen the threat.

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In order to combat the risk factors, he demanded that logistics be made available to enhance community involvement and surveillance.

Dr. Nwambeke counseled people to abstain from bush burning, refrain from eating rodents, refrain from touching contaminated surfaces, and practice good personal and environmental hygiene by covering their food and utensils.

In order to make sure that their own healthcare professionals survive to save the lives of others, he expressed gratitude to the State Government for providing a sizable quantity of Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) to the medical staff at the National Obstetrics Fistula Center.

He regretted that the outbreak began so early this year and mentioned that Lassa Fever is a hemorrhagic disease that strikes Ebonyi State during every dry season.



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