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History Class: Institute Of Management And Technology (IMT) Enugu. 


It has said and echoed by both old and new students of IMT and even graduates of the school that anybody who survived in IMT can survive anywhere. Many students, past and present have given it the nickname “Institution of Military Training ” because of how tough they believe the school is.

One thing is certain, nobody who passes through this great school comes out without having a story or 2 to tell.

IMT as a Polytechnic, has raised prominent individuals in today’s society.

Let’s go through a brief history of this great school.

IMT Enugu, a polytechnic university in Nigeria, established in 1965, is a state-owned institution with formal certification from the National Board for Technical Education.

The Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) in Enugu was established in 1973 under Edict No 10 of Nigeria. Before this, the College of Technology, Institute of Administration, and Co-operative College offered courses in Engineering, Laboratory Technology, and Co-operative Studies.

The institutions were autonomous and controlled by different ministries, with the College of Technology, Administration, and Co-operative College under different ministries. Staffed by civil servants, that could be re-posted to other departments.

In 1970, the Ukpabi Asika administration merged the former College of Technology with the Institute of Administration, merging them to create a higher institution for technological, managerial, and engineering training.

In October 1973, the Administrator appointed a Provisional Council to determine and recommend a suitable man-power structure for state and national needs. The Council submitted a report, leading to the promulgation of Edict No 10 of 1973.

The edict took effect from 1st of July, 1973 and this gave birth to what is now known as the Institute of Management and Technology (IMT), Enugu. Dr. Ukwu I. Ukwu became the first Chairman of Council while Professor M.O. Chijioke and Mr. B.O. Akwukwuma became the first Rector and the first Registrar respectively.

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IMT in recent years affiliated with UNN to offer degree courses. Some of these courses are Accounting, Mass communication, Engineering, etc.

Getting into the school, you’ll find not just school life, but life in general. The popular Shantal hostel, the popular Love garden, coke stand, and recent buildings like Afrihub Center and International Conference Centre, are few of the places to go to for sight seeing in the school.

A lot of commercial activities goes in in the school, like every other school, with the newly allocated shops, you can get any form of service or product available in the school.

All courses offered in the school are fully accredited. Here are some courses offered in the school: Corporative Economics, Mass Communication, Accounting, Business administration, Computer Science, Engineering courses, Fine and Applied arts, among others.

IMT Enugu also offers full time and part time courses.

Some popular alumni from the great school include: Phyno(musician), Ofiafuluagu Mbaka (Actor), MC Emmyboy( Comedian), Twin Parrotz(Comedian), 2facd Idibia (Musician), among others

If you have ever visit Enugu or have been in Enugu for a while and you want to take an on-the-budget tour of the city, try and visit IMT Enugu, there are many things to love about the school, starting from the main gate.



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