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History Class: Eastern Shop Enugu State


If you have lived for a while in Enugu State, you’ll be familiar with shopping centres like Spar, Robans, and ShopRite, but if you were born or have lived long enough in Enugu State, then you’ll know that before these modern shopping centres, there were others.

While some have either closed up or been bought over, some have stood the taste of time.

One of which is the very popular Eastern Shop. Eastern Shop is one of the ancient supermarkets in Enugu providing shopping services, selling cosmetics, household goods, drinks, detergents, soaps, kitchen utensils and other products. A very notable departmental suoermsket along ogui road, opposite Enugu stadium. It is one of the very first departmental shops in Enugu. Its well designed and it has so many department inside it.

Eastern shop has been around since the 90s, that is what longevity can bring to a business, and because of how prominent Eastern shop has been in this state, it has a bus stop to its name in Enugu.

The interesting thing is, even with the opening of new shops and supermarkets, Eastern Shopping Centre still stands tall, and a lot of their customers hage talked about how they sell products with fair prices.

Another interesting fact is, even those who were born or lived in Enugu State and those who are outside Enugu state and may not have visited Eastern Shop, must have seen it in Movies. It featured heavily is the old movie ‘Atinga’.

Eastern Shop is really a part of Enugu History and should be better celebrated for it’s longevity.

Who else has visited Eastern Shop Enugu?

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